Our Friends & Resources

Darren Doherty and Regrarians

Based in Bendigo VIC, Leader in Regenerative Agriculture and Education. Massive amount of practical experience. Definetly worth checking out what they are up to:



Permaculture SA

South Australia’s Peak Body for Permaculture. Check out the website for what they offer:


food forest

Food Forest

South Australia’s Leading Permaculture Farm and Educational Establishment. Over 20 years of real experience, and an array of workshops, products and services. It’s where Chris Day was first introduced and inspired to Permaculture. Definitely the best courses I know of in Australia.


Flinders Uni Community Permaculture Garden

Established back in 2001, Chris Day was one of the co-founders of this garden. Based on Permaculture Design, the garden has established itself with a wide variety of hardy, edible fruit trees and perennial herbs. This is the basis of the system, and when students are present, the intersperced veggie beds grow an array of produce. Excitingly they are in the process of starting to build a Strawbale Gazebo. Check out the link to find out more on their Facebook Group.

Bickleigh Vale Farm Organic Seedlings

Bickleigh Vale Farm produces NASAA-certified organic vegetable seedlings,  heriloom varieties, along with market garden gourmet organic salad greens and seasonal mixed vegetables which are very popular with Market shoppers

You can find them @ Willunga Farmers Market Every Saturday and Wayville Farmers Market on Sunday’s.

bickleigh vale farm Facebook Page


Wagtail Urban Farm

Wagtail Urban Farm is based in Mitchell Park, Adelaide, and is run by Steven, Nat and Brett, three young urban farmers with a passion for fresh, local and sustainable produce. The name for the farm comes from a friendly bird, a ‘willy wagtail’, who often comes to visit them while they are working on the block. 



Very Edible Gardens

Our Friends in Melbourne, always doing a huge range of excellent edible things:


Permi Global Logo

Worldwide Permaculture Network

A new and rapidly growing interactive database that’s showcasing the exciting, solutions-based work being implemented by permaculture projects and practitioners worldwide. If you’re getting depressed watching current events, this is the site to reinvigorate the mind with real, lasting, holistic solutions for all the problems humanity currently faces. Have a look around, be inspired, and if you’re a permaculture practitioner, be sure to register and upload your profile, add your project(s), and network with others to share inspiration, resources and support, and to advertise your services for a brave new economy.


Permi Australia Logo

Permaculture Australia

A Permaculture Hub, that seeks cooperative relations with other permaculture and allied organisations and with agencies and entities in government, business and our communities. This is in the true tradition of permaculture.